UK Small Consultancy of the Year, PRCA


through strategic communications

Missive works with technology driven businesses to improve their performance and grow their reputation.

We run intelligent communications programmes rooted in strategy and insight.

Our goal is always to have a business impact using a broad range of disciplines.

Providing invaluable support through a challenging year

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“Missive brings superior knowledge of the telecoms industry, which I find invaluable. Their commitment to quality comms – both strategy and execution – makes them an integral part of my agency roster.”

Nicola Green, O2, Director of Corporate Affairs

Challenging payment technology communications

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“Payment technology announcements are always difficult and there are always last minute surprises. But, Missive’s reactivity and efficiency changed everything! Working with smart and good people is a pleasure. Thank you, Missive.”

Marc Jaugey, PayU, Head of Global Communications

Dedicated to telecoms industry results

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“Passionate, fun, creative and completely dedicated to results, the Missive team are a breath of fresh air to work with. They genuinely care and drive us beyond our own expectations.”

Helen Parker, Head of Social Innovation

The missive

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