Missive's AI Charter

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At Missive, we do the right thing. But when the world moves so fast, defining ‘right’ isn’t always straightforward. 

The transformative potential of AI is almost unimaginable. As such, ethical questions are raised into how and when we harness it. As an agency defined by four key values (empowerment, purpose, impact and compassion) we’re determined to ensure our use of AI strongly echoes and reflects our principles. 

That’s why, as of September 2023, all our team members have signed our AI charter, which you can read below.

Missive’s AI Charter

We will: 

  • Champion human intelligence. AI-generated output that is vetted can complement but cannot replace our work – it is an ingredient, never the end product

  • Use AI platforms where appropriate to prompt thought and create efficiencies to the benefit of our clients and partner network

  • Be open with our clients, media and stakeholders about using AI models or generative AI within our consultancy toolkit

  • Attribute creators and information sources within our work and ideas

  • Never consider Large Language Models such as ChatGPT as standardised sources, and always interrogate outputs for bias and inaccuracy

  • Protect confidential data when using AI platforms

  • Foster open communication channels where employees are empowered to voice concerns, ideas, and suggestions regarding AI's ethical use within Missive

  • Continue to appoint designated AI champions within our business who commit to updating the team on industry updates and best practice, legislation and ethics

  • Commit to reviewing our AI Charter on a regular basis, particularly given the pace of change in the tech industry

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