Launching ClearBank

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Launching ClearBank to the UK market 

Launching one of the most talked about financial services innovations of its time. In just 7 weeks, we led the marketing and PR launch of the first new clearing bank in the UK for 250 years.

  • 120+ leads generated in month one from targeted PR activity 
  • 200+ stakeholders and media at launch event briefed on the new bank and its national signficance
  • 100+ pieces of national, broadcast and trade media coverage, including Financial Times, BBC Radio 4 Today, Forbes and Daily Mail 

Missive cut through challenger bank noise

Due to regulatory approval and notices, ClearBank had to go public before it was open for business, announcing its plans to launch the first new UK clearing bank in more than 250 years. The signficance of the milestone and resultant disruption to the traditional banking system meant that ClearBank had been built under strict NDAs. With no other marketing activities, without a CMO or in-house marketing team, Missive was brought in to lead the external marketing and PR launch.

Our goal was to create awaress on the fintech innovation as well as educate a breadth of stakeholders - banking, HM Treasury, tech partners, media and prospective clients - about the significance of a new clearing bank in the UK.  

We reported directly to the CEO and Chairman to craft and then manage the message, briefing the government, technology partners, the FCA, PSR and the media. Missive planned and executed everything - from the go-live of ClearBank's website and social channels, through to the media and industry launch event attended by more than 200 industry stakeholders. We supported the development of marketing and sales collateral under strict FCA guidelines. 

The campaign delivered relevant, high value leads to the business development team, as well as a high level of understanding and engagement across government, media and regulatory stakeholders.

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