Messaging and positioning workshop and framework for Everclime

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The Brief

Everclime came to Missive with an initial need to establish clear market positioning and messaging, to:

  1. Refine foundational messaging 

  1. Help with the interest and decision-making stages of the sales funnel for existing prospects 

  1. Provide a clear narrative for a later stage brand awareness push

The Activity

We uncovered they had undergone a significant period of product development since conception and, despite very positive noises in the market, did not have a clear concise narrative for investors and prospects that spoke to each of their products and services. 

To support us ahead of the messaging session, we conducted extensive audience analysis leveraging our in-house tools to get a better understanding of our target audiences' preferences, interests, needs and challenges – enabling us to craft messaging that cuts through to them.  This was also coupled with download calls with key members of the executive team to help us understand their views and insights on the business and wider industry – specifically, why Everclime was best placed to disrupt the market.

We conducted a messaging and positioning development workshop which focused on translating their proposition into a clear, memorable, and distinct narrative, tailored in a way that was appropriate for their target audiences. The output of this was a messaging framework, outlining key themes that resonated with the businesses focus areas, executives’ expertise and aligned with future investors, and built out the key messages and proof points for Everclime to use internally.

In following conversations with prospective clients and partners, the executive team has been able to refer to the founding principles we developed, enabling the team to clearly and succinctly articulate the business value of Everclime to all stakeholders.

“Gemma and Whitney of Missive provided exceptional support in the development and refinement of Everclime’s narrative at a critical time for the business. In addition to producing high calibre outcomes, they were both delightful to work with and I was impressed by the speed at which they digested our business and crafted the messaging framework.”  

Sebastian Gray, Founder & CEO, Everclime 

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