A day in the life of a Missive PR intern

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As a PR intern, most people would agree that the most important characteristic you should possess, is a willingness to learn and evolve to fit the environment you have been welcomed into. A PR internship provides an opportunity for you to show and develop your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

My PR internship at Missive has given me the chance to do both of these things. The team includes those from all walks of life with experience from across the PR spectrum, together making a strong team that serves a diverse set of clients with varying needs.

During the past two years I’ve spent studying Business and Management at Kent University, I’ve learnt a bit about the PR industry and why it’s important. I decided I wanted to find out more to help me understand if it is something I want to focus on in future.

My typical working day starts between 8:30 and 8:45 after suffering a very stuffy commute on the Northern Line. I set to work, giving my brain time to wake up properly while completing the internal client alert. This is an email that circulates to the team daily, including a selection of articles that have relevance either to Missive or to Missive’s clients. The aim is to identify opportunities for news hijacking, while simultaneously keeping everyone in the team up to date with the day’s most important events.

On Mondays, we’ll have an all-team meeting to discuss everything that’s coming up in the week ahead. Mid-morning, I have a 1:1 catch up with my line manager two to three times a week. We talk through my to-do list, anything else that I’ll be getting involved in within the company and any concerns I have.

At lunch, I take a break from my screen and enjoy an hour relaxing and gathering my thoughts, sometimes exploring the plethora of restaurants and cafes that Moorgate has to offer. Every other week I eat lunch while participating in one of Missive’s lunch and learn sessions. Members of the team take turns to give a presentation on something they are passionate about or something that might help the rest of the team. One week, for example, Dom spoke about green tech, and another week, Iain arranged for an industry expert to talk about blockchain.

Over the past three months at Missive, it’s safe to say the only things that have remained a constant are the Monday all-team meeting and our fortnightly lunch and learn sessions. Other than that, I am constantly working on different tasks, often unlike any I’ve previously experienced. It is the part of the job I enjoy most, being kept on my toes with the ability to try new things.

My day finishes anywhere between 5:15 and 5:30. When I first started I was asked why I was choosing to stay later than expected. The answer was simple: Missive creates an environment that I truly feel comfortable in and it makes me want to stay late to finish my work. It isn’t a job that becomes a chore and I think a lot of that comes down to being in such a tight-knit team with a really positive attitude.

Working at Missive offers an experience that is hard to match elsewhere. It has helped me grow as an individual and has challenged me, with a sense of satisfaction in knowing I have helped the team drive business impact for clients.

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