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The latest chapter in our ‘Great’ series – The Great Headwinds – is available to download now. 


When historians come to study 2022, what will they find? Political instability, war in Ukraine, climate breakdown, economic uncertainty driven by rising inflation and risk to energy security… it’s been a challenging year and will continue far into 2023.  

These global geopolitical forces are creating unprecedented headwinds. This is applying intense pressure on businesses around the world – from supply chain impacts, to rising inflation, and taxation.   

These challenges demand a mindset shift for all executives, and especially those in marketing and communications. Battling these headwinds requires not only innovation, agility and creativity, but an absence of fear. 

In our latest vision paper, The Great Headwinds, we outline the six trends that communications and marketing leaders must consider now to drive success for the future. 

Whether this is prioritising customer health, taking bold, creative risks or investing in brand marketing, those who have taken strategic steps now will be best equipped to lead as the economy recovers. 

The Great Headwinds – Download Now

About Missive’s ‘Great’ series 

Over the past two years, Missive’s ‘Great’ series has tracked the evolution of the marketing landscape. We have highlighted the importance of balancing marketing budgets for growth in the next normal, shared how to develop impactful thought leadership to cut through the noise and revealed how brands can maximise their B2B influencer marketing programme. 

 The full series including The Great Reset, The Great Brand Battle, The Great Attention Divide and The Great Age of Influencers is now available to download here

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