Literally everyone in PR right now: “We need a Pokemon Go idea”

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But which brands are using Pokemon Go the best?

You’ll have undoubtedly noticed the astonishing take-up of Pokemon Go. It now has more daily users in the US than Twitter.

Like any phenomenon of this scale, the brand responses are coming in thick and fast.

I imagine most reading this will have – even if only jokingly – already taken part in a conversation about how businesses can capitalise on this opportunity.

These chats have undoubtedly produced a load of questionable ideas and stunts that have nothing to do with the brand they intended to promote. Two questions:

How do you make your business relevant to the Geodude generation? And more importantly, should you make your brand relevant to typical Pokemon Go users?

Fear not, we’ve trawled Twitter and to find what we think are the best examples of brands using Pokemon Go.

Virgin Active Pokemon Go Running Club

Virgin Active jumped onto things early by announcing that London-based runners will be able to take part in guided runs with a personal trainer from one of their central London gyms.

Runners set-out on a 5k route via a number of Pokemon Gyms and Pokestops, catching Pokemon as they go, as well as taking on some interval training challenges.

The Telegraph have more information on this, as do Virgin Active themselves.

SberBank offering free accident insurance

To coincide with the hotly anticipated release of Pokemon Go in Russia, the bank and insurer SberBank is offering free accident insurance for anyone while they are playing Pokemon Go.

All players need to do is register with the bank and provide some evidence of an accident when they make a claim. The bank say it’s also planning on using ‘lures’ in the game to get players into branch locations, rewarding those that actually catch a Pokemon in branch.

Read more about this one over at Finovate.

BestBuy opening up their HQ while stores sell survival kits

A few people have reported that a places like Best Buy are kicking Pokemon Go players out of their stores. But, if you think Best Buy are ruining the fun, think again. They’ve done a couple of small things we really like:

Earlier this week the BestBuy team invited 60 people into their HQ to visit their Pokestops and take advantage of the Pokemon Gym. Taking it one step further,in some BestBuy stores they’ve even produced a ‘Pokemon Go Survival Kit Display’ for the serious trainers planning an intense day out to “catch ‘em all” (had to get that in somewhere).

That’s all from us for now. Let us know about any of your favourites that we’ve missed.

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