Meet Kitty Guillaume, Senior Consultant

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Meet Kitty, Missive’s resident 5G fanatic. In our latest blog, Kitty shares her passion for PR, dream holiday destination and tips for anybody looking to start a career in the industry. 

What makes you passionate about PR?

Ever since I was young I’ve always loved stories and writing. I love how powerful words can be, like when you read a particularly good book and spend the next week thinking about it. But they are also capable of causing huge destruction when not used in the right way.

Good storytelling is critical when it comes to communicating an idea or simplifying complex topics. It’s a skill that is especially relevant to tech PR and one that I really enjoy. For me, there is huge satisfaction in condensing complicated, sometimes incomprehensible marketing spiel into a digestible, impactful story that will resonate with the chosen audience.

You’ve been in PR for almost 4 years – how has the industry changed?

Even in the past few years it’s been fascinating to see how much journalism has changed. Countless titles have ceased print publication and moved to be solely online which has been a game changer from a PR perspective when it comes to media relations. 

With more people turning to social media as a primary news source, it’s also been interesting, and a little scary, to see the fake news era really take off. Information overload can be just as damaging as lack of knowledge, even more so if much of it is untrue. In today’s world where we are assaulted with news at every turn, accurate, fact-based journalism written by clever, well-educated and empathetic individuals has never been more important.

What tip would you give to someone soon to start their career in PR?

Don’t feel tied to a particular sector when starting out; so many skills in PR are transferable. Aside from that, just go for it! 

What technology are you most excited about, in both the short and long term?

In the short term, I think it will be really exciting to see 5G go from hype to reality over the next few years.

Longer term, space travel.

Who would your dream client be? 

I love working with companies that have a wider agenda than simply making money. A dream client for me is one whose mission is to drive positive change and make tangible difference to a global issue, be that sustainability, poverty or conservation. I’m lucky enough to work with some of these types of companies already, but if I could add another to my portfolio it would be Conservation X

What surprises people about you?

That I’ve watched every series of The Only Way is Essex that’s ever aired. It’s not something I’m proud of, but there’s no going back now.

What’s your dream holiday?

Definitely sunshine. With a mixture of relaxation and exploring. Safari in South Africa or a road trip around New Zealand are both pretty high on my list. 

I often fantasize about lounging on a sunbed in Bora Bora with a pina colada, but in reality, I’d probably get sunburnt within about ten minutes and have to spend the rest of the holiday in the shade.

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