Missive at London Tech Week 2023

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We pride ourselves in staying on the tech industry pulse and, this June, Missive Co-Founder and Chief Client Officer Nicola Koronka was on the ground at London Tech Week doing just that. She met with European innovators, founders and investors to talk all things tech brand growth and reputation. 

Unsurprisingly the hot topic was artificial intelligence (AI), and it was evident to see that despite some industry leaders calling for a slowdown in investment, the mood from speakers suggested otherwise. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took centre stage and pledged to introduce regulations and position the UK as the world’s leading AI authority. He said the government would invest £200 million in AI research and development over the next four years, a pledge that was warmly welcomed by the tech industry. 

Fuelling the optimism were keynotes on Generative AI with Arthur Hu, SVP and Chief Information Officer, Lenovo and fireside chats with Sir Keir Starmer. The Labour Party leader argued that AI can be a “force for good,” but insisted it has to be used in a responsible and ethical way – a vision we can all agree on. 

The week underscored the positive outlook for the future of tech investment and innovation in the capital, with no sign of it slowing down. Great news for Missive and all who sail with her. 

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