Missive X Rolphcast: Are all fintech CEOs egomaniacs?

Missive co-founder, Nicola Koronka joined Yoyo Wallet co-founder, Michael Rolph in the latest Founders Special episode of the Rolphcast.  Are all fintech CEOs egomaniacs?

In this episode, Nicola reveals how becoming a mum empowered her to create her own company, the challenges of balancing culture with performance, and what she really thinks about the fintech CEO personality.




Last month, our very own Gemma Dunn spoke at Innovate Finance‘s first 2019 ‘PR in fintech’ workshop, taking 20+ fintech startups through how to pitch to the UK media. Here are Gemma’s top lessons for budding fintech founders looking to engage with tech media: Pitching tech media: Top tips for fintech PR


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